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About Shipping Delays

Most orders are mailed in three or four days, although a few may go out in two days and a few may go out in five days.  After a mailing or during a sale, I may fall behind a full week (although that is rare).  International orders that exceed 13 oz. may take longer because they must be taken directly to the post office (instead of being dropped in a mailbox), and I am not able to go to the post office every day.

I certainly feel bad that shipping delays have become a regular thing at Purebeads.  The reason is simple:  I don't have anyone to help me with the work.  That's because Purebeads is a sole-proprietorship (a one-person business).  In addition to that, orders tend to arrive in waves, and I have to pace myself.  Thus, I am constantly falling behind or catching up, depending on the volume of orders.

I work about 50 hours a week.  The business really needs 60-70 hours a week, but I don't have the stamina to work that much.  I haven't hired an assistant for a couple reasons:  I would have to raise my prices, and I would have to change the business to a corporation, and that would increase my expenses and paperwork.  I think you'll agree that it is better to wait a few extra days for your shipment than to pay higher prices.

I appreciate your patience!