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Banner Exchange and Links

Because exchanging links and banners can increase one's traffic, I have added this page
to my site.  This is the only place on the site where there is any advertising.  If you like
my products, you are welcome to take my banner and place it on your site.  If you
would like to exchange banners, please contact me at .

Narrow banner:

255 x 111 pixels
Standard-size banner:

468 x 60 pixels
Banner background by Lesa Motz of
Barracuda Backgrounds

Standard-size banner:

468 x 60 pixels
Banner background by Lesa Motz of
Barracuda Backgrounds

If you need descriptive text, you can use this:
"Czech, Indian and Chinese glass beads at reasonable prices"

Purebeads customer:

by Sandra Brand
Beaded jewelry for women, men and girls. Custom bridal jewelry,
name bracelets, birthstone jewelry and more.

Link exchange:

Beads and Baubles
Beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and charms.

Purebeads customer:

BeadWizardry Designs
by Judith Nelson
Beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, lanyards, eyeglass chains,
bookmarks and more.  Judith is very creative.

Purebeads customer:

by Bonnie Alvarez
Necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items with a mother/child theme.
Also:  custom birth announcements, handcrafted cards, baby slings,
baby furniture, and a web-design service.


Informative site:

By Rena Klingenberg
This fabulous site has a plethora of articles on how to make your hand-
crafted jewelry business work.  It is absolutely a must read!

Excellent retailer:

by Erin Weik
This retailer fills in some of the gaps on my own site.  Erin has cat's eye beads,
Swarovski crystal and pearls, pewter beads, sterling silver findings and beads,
beading supplies, and finished jewelry, in addition to a wide range of Celtic
and metaphysical items.  The site is gorgeous, with a Celtic theme.

Highly recommended Product:

by Jeff Moffett
If you use the Windows calculator and find it frustrating because of its small
characters, limited features, and lack of customizability, I strongly recommend
Moffsoft's Calculator 2.  Calculator 2 has a fully customizable interface, including
a "tape" which shows you all of your calculations.  If you are a retailer like me,
you will be delighted by its ability to calculate taxes.  Its conversion functions
(inches to millimeters, quarts to liters, exchange rates, etc.) are extremely
useful.  This is one of the most useful programs I have ever used.

Informative site:

Polymer Clay Central
by Leigh and Stephen Ross
Polymer Clay Central is the web's best resource site for jewelry designers who make
polymer clay beads.  The site includes message boards, instructional articles,
an encyclopedia, interviews with artists, contests, auctions, and more.

Excellent retailer:

Precious Pebbles
by Ron Stanford
Precious Pebbles offers a variety of stone beads, cabochons, gemstones
and rough rocks for all types of lapidary uses.  This is the only dealer I
know who carries semiprecious stones and beads made in the U.S.
(Note:  Ron Stanford died a couple years ago, and it appears
that Precious Pebbles now sells stone gifts, but no beads.)

Purebeads customer (I believe this designer is deceased,
but I leave her banner up because I liked and admired her)

Rainbow Rabbit Designs
by Deborah H. Crumbaker-Oldham
Beautiful hand-crafted jewelry (including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair sticks),
beaded book covers, original artwork (including drawings and paintings in oil and
acrylic), hand-painted tiles, hand-made greeting cards.  This lady has more
awards for her jewelry than I have hairs on my head!